Noam Brokman Architect
Urban Vernacular Architecture / conceptual projects

This structure was the product of a search for an urban vernacular system of construction. It was built it in a school yard facing the problem of juvenile vandalisms. The solution was to build a detachable structure. That way we could work without any interference. Only when the building was finished, we put it together in an un-detachable manner.
Other than screws and gravel, the only materials used in this construction, were found as garbage. The cost, therefore, was negligible. The ground base of the structure consists of plastic crates used in the outdoor market. The crates were filled with gravel, which keeps them weighted to the ground. The frame consists of tubing used to protect underground cables and was supplied to us, free of charge as leftovers from a construction site. The shell was made from the tops of the plastic crates, which were joined together like slate roofing tiles. Electrical wires, taken from an abandoned building provided stability.


A joint project with Ofer Bilik and Elisabeta (Lisa) Blechman. This project was made during my studies in Bezalel. Semester 1. Year 2005/6. Instructor: architect Sharon Rotbard.