Noam Brokman Architect
Sustainable Energies Park/ Academic Project

In this project, I planned a park in west Milan with residential area and pavilions for exhibitions, related to sustainable energies.
The area already has many open spaces and thus the main goal was to keep the park as part of the urban existing fabric. In order to do so, five steps were taken:
(1) New roads to connect the park with the rest of the area were created.
(2) The axes of the new and existing roads continue into the park.
(3) New shortcuts are created in order to attract people to the park.
(4) The residential buildings are located alongside the new roads.
(5) The pavilion buildings are located alongside the shortcuts.
Four of the pavilions are organized according to the four elements: earth (geothermic sources based energy), water (hydraulic energy), wind and fire (solar energy). five more pavilions are combination of two of the elements each.
The tenth, main building, will host temporary exhibitions, and will be used as an educational center. Its structure combines all four elements.


This project was made during a student exchange program in the "Politecnico Di Milano". Semester 2. Year 2006/7. Instructor: Architect Cino Zucchi.