Noam Brokman Architect
Tel Aviv - Jaffa Border/ academic projects

Combining existing industrial zone with new residential area. An alternative proposal to the municipal plans of destroying a small industrial zone.
The site is located in north Jaffa, bordering Tel Aviv. It is in the junction between Shlavim St. (connects T.A. in the north, with Jaffa and the city of Bat-Yam on the south) and Kibutz Galuyot Rd. (connects between Ayalon Metropolitan Rd. and Old Jaffa). This industrial zone that lays in the "back yard" of Tel Aviv, is in the center of the Dan Metropolis, and thus functions well. Nonetheless, the Municipal Authority is offering a whole new plan to the area: ruining existing industry, and turn it into a residential area, with "clean" businesses along the main roads.
This proposal offers to strengthen the area by leaving the existing industrial projects and adding a technical high school, and allowing new functions offered by the municipality. That way, it will not only preserve the existing urban fabric, it will also serve better the municipal interet in a new residential area.

A joint project with Gilad Raichenberg. The project was made during my studies in Bezalel, 2007/8. Instructor: architect Yehoshua Gutman.